Sugar is a Helluva Drug

Hi Internet World!! I am finally returned from wedding and honeymoon bliss. Both were, in every sense of the word, bliss. I will definitely share my feelings on traveling to Bali and being married as well. This post however, unfortunately, will be about the delicate balance of my body’s chemistry and the dangers of sugar.

During my honeymoon, I decided that I was feeling so good, I wanted to eat the sweets and things I enjoyed without worrying, and indulge I did. Was it worth it? In many senses of that word, yes it was. I enjoyed the heck out of my honeymoon. However, one week post return, I must report that I am still feeling the awful side effects of depression from my sugar indulgence. Upon returning, I decided to administer my lack of motivation and my devotion to sleeping 10+ hours to jet lag. However, after a few days of this and the napping in the middle of the day until dinner time and then sleeping right after dinner and sleeping in during the morning, it was a positive sign that my depression was back. I definitely worked out every day since my return (and even during some days of my trip), but I want to curl up into a ball and shut out the world.

Thankfully, I married the most understanding human in the world, who tries his best to understand this confusing duality that haunts my life. How I can go from waking up at 5 am, doing laundry mid week, and having bountiful energy to not being able to stay awake long enough to function beyond my work day. How I can go from wanting to talk to everyone to not wanting to leave the house to run simple chores. How I can go from being a positive and motivating person, to someone who only sees hell in a dark hole.

I share this because now I know that over-consuming processed sugar contributes a large share to my depression. It must somehow deplete me of my natural endorphins and set off triggers that normally wouldn’t bother me. Alcohol is also most definitely included in this equation, however my need to consume a sweet baked treat is a million times stronger than any need to consume alcohol. Sugar is a dangerous drug for me and leads me to this dark hole. I’m trying my best to ride this out and not let my cravings take over. I am holding onto dear life to get past this (hopefully short) lapse of depression. I could say, what a horrible way to start a marriage, but the sake of my husband is what is keeping me afloat to fight this off as quickly as I can.


Parenting Coach

One of the things that caught me off guard when I officially became a teacher was that, of the many hats I wear, I would have to sometimes be a parenting coach. This notion still makes me uncomfortable for two main reasons:

  1. I do not have my own kids.
  2. I do not like to tell other people how to live their lives, let alone how to raise one.

Unfortunately, I find myself kicking myself in the behind for not being able to say things to parents that they really need to hear more often than not. But, on my morning run, reflecting on how I could improve as a teacher, my brick wall is a handful of my students’ lack of motivation. I’ve tried everything I can from positive rewards, community circles, parent contact, punitive punishments like detention, letting them just showcase one item to turn in that week, more parent contact, but I’m running in circles. A few of the students have come a LONG way, but not far enough to my standards by this time in the year. But I’m stuck with 3 thorns in my side. My solution, just isn’t working and I attribute, in large part, to inconsistency from classroom discipline to home-life discipline.  Obviously as a teacher, I can do more and am trying new strategies all the time. But, I know that home-life plays a large role because all of these students also come to school saying things like “I’m lazy/stupid/not good at this/not smart enough”. I know for a fact, that I am not teaching them these phrases, but someone (probably at home is). So, parents, here is some unsolicited advice on what to do if your child’s teacher is calling you to notify you that your child ain’t doing sh*t in the classroom.

Use positive reinforcement. Your kids want your attention all the time. You can choose to give them positive attention for positive things they want or negative attention for messing up. However, providing them with negative feedback just reinforces negative behavior.

This should be a no-brainer, but please don’t use put-downs when referring to yourself or your children, they will pick up on these mindsets and start implementing them in their own. Be kind to yourself and your children.

Don’t make excuses for your child. It doesn’t matter if they are the “youngest” or the “only child”, they still need to follow through with the same responsibilities that any of your other kids, or students in the class, have to follow through with. Which leads to…

If you baby your child, they will remain a baby. Some of my 4th graders whine or throw tantrums like toddlers still when they get in trouble/don’t get what they want. All of them because they must get away with this behavior somewhere. All of these also happen to be only children or the youngest in their family (I swear!). But, not all of the only children or youngest children act like this, which tells me their parents tell them “no” sometimes. I’ve literally had a parent tell me her child would be “sad” because he wasn’t getting Pokemon cards because I gave her a negative update. She was asking me what to tell her son. That tells me that he’s probably used to getting what he wants and the parent has a hard time taking responsibility for making her child “sad”.  Hopefully him feeling “sad” will make him avoid the negative behavior in the future.

Your kids will not hate you because they didn’t get what they want. In fact, your kids will love you no matter what. You just need to stand your ground and take control. They need to learn that they have to earn rewards. Otherwise, you’re setting them up for getting rewards for not even achieving a goal. Kids will always try to see how much they can get away with, and if you’re allowing them to get away with anything you’re stunting their growth. If you don’t want to raise entitled, unmotivated kids don’t allow them to get away with entitled, unmotivated behaviors.

If one strategy doesn’t work, try another. Get creative, get to know your child (which I’m sure most parents do) and if you yelling at your kid every time the teacher calls doesn’t work, try something else. Ask your child to share with you their feelings or the reasons they won’t complete their work. Get involved and work with them to accomplish goals. Set and finish projects at home, like organizing their video games, painting their room, washing all of the dishes, or folding all of the laundry just to let your child experience how good it feels to accomplish a task.

With all of that said, my next steps as a teacher is to get better at partnering up with parents to come up with concrete goals we can work on together with their child. I’m going to go ahead and try to own that parenting coach hat when I need it on.

Workout Freedom!

I was scared of becoming free of Insanity workouts because I was afraid without a program, there would be nothing to hold me accountable for working out. Maybe the fear is what has pushed me even harder to hold myself accountable. Life post-insanity has been awesome. Mainly because now I get VARIETY and I’ve incorporated weights back into my life. To preface, I wake up at about 4:30 every morning to knock this out before work and my lovely fiance has been my support system by coming along for all of my runs and gymtime. Here’s a layout of what I did last week:

Monday – Jillian Michaels -Shred It with Weights – I wasn’t quite willing to let go of the comfort of my own home, and I missed using my Kettlebell. Because of the added weights, this workout was definitely still a challenge for me.

Tuesday – 4.5 mile run with a 9.20/mi average. I must say, Insanity has done WONDERS for getting me in shape. I was able to complete the run with no breaks and I felt like I could keep going, but I knew I also had to go to work at some point.

Wednesday – Gymtime! I had my gym membership haunting me because, ever since I joined the Gym in October, I ended up gaining weight. I have total anxiety about going to the gym because I hate working out in front of other people if it’s not teacher led. However, we went early enough where it wasn’t crowded. I did the elliptical to warm up and a variety of weights. I won’t share my weight routine until I figure out what I’m actually doing because I’ll just end up saying something like I did the thing where you pull on a bar with weights. I did do some deadlifts, I know what that’s called.

Thursday – Corepower Yoga – Sculpt. This is by far, my favorite class in. the. world. You get to sit in a heated room, do yoga, with cardio, and weights. It doesn’t get more challenging than this for me. I’ve been incorporating this into my recovery days with Insanity almost once/ week. The only reason I’m not going all the time is because, I do like variety in my workouts.

Friday – 4.7 mi run 9:07/mi – I do miss my runs and I dread them less than I used to :).

Saturday – Rest day, but I did do some Yoga Sun A and Sun B Salutations in the morning.

Sunday – Gym time again, same routine for warm-up, but I worked on abs and legs.

I actually have my week scheduled the same this week and just finished my home workout right now. (I did an Insanity video). This probably isn’t a big deal for people who have a regular workout schedule (something I kind of threw by the wayside a while ago). For me, this is EVERYTHING. I’m finally free of my insecurities telling me that I can’t do it or that I can save it for another time. To be honest, I think the biggest motivator was actually seeing changes in my body. I keep getting scared that these baby abs I’ve worked on will suddenly disappear. (Like I actually check to make sure they’re still there). But knowing that what I’m doing is actually working, feeling great on a daily basis, and actually having fun challenging my body is something I haven’t felt consistently in years. I’m definitely becoming more and more of a “YAS!!!” person and back on board with taking some fun risks.

Post Whole30 Post Insanity Life

I finished both Whole30 and my first full round of Insanity around the same time, and boy was my body feeling happy at me. Of course, I started Whole30 PMSing, so guess how I went into my post Whole30? Today, was probably the height of my PMS and I came home and ate spoonfuls of Almond Butter, took a nap, and hated myself a little bit. I’m hoping by tomorrow (the normal day of hormonal rebalance for me) I can get out of this hole.

So, besides PMS being full-blown, what have I been doing since and how has reintroduction been for me? Well, I tried wine for the first time on Saturday and after one glass, I was drunk and two hours later, I felt hungover. I definitely want to try to have a drink again this weekend because I don’t want to be hungover at my wedding and I do want to be able to drink to try to drink a little bit at my wedding. I also had a taste (like the tiniest) of my friend’s macarons (YUM!!). I was terrified that eating one bite would lead me into a spiral of “OMG GIVE ME ALL THE SUGAR I’M GONNA EAT A WHOLE CONTAINER!!!” Fortunately, I wasn’t craving sugar after that, nor did I want more than the bite I had, not because it wasn’t delicious, more so because it was good and I was satisfied. Besides that, I’ve been compliant (but relying on Almond butter, because PMS) and okay not being as good at eating my pre and post workout…because I feel like my workouts are not as hardcore. But I need to stop telling myself that, because I’m still working out and I still need the fuel.

I was scared that after Insanity, I wouldn’t be able to get into a workout routine, but so far, I’ve still been able to kick my butt to wake up at 5 AM and workout. So far, yesterday I did a kettlebell workout and today I went for a 4-mile run. I must say, Insanity has done wonders on my running stamina and what usually is a painful run for me, was easy breezy. Tomorrow, I plan to hit the gym for the first time in a month! I have gymphobia because of the amount of people there, but hopefully 5AM will be empty enough for me to feel comfortable.

To summarize, I’m still super happy with my delicious fulfilling meals and am having an awesome time changing up my workouts. I’m still guilty of almond butter, so I will no longer buy any. I know this sounds like a whole lot of being hard on myself, but to be honest I’m not struggling. Most of the reintroduction will have to come naturally to me, and right now, taking it easy and slow is exactly what I need.

To New Beginnings!

Hey Guys! My wedding is in exactly two weeks! I started this space to reflect on my feelings, and then I landed on this health journey, but I’m going to start a balance of the two. I thought that wedding planning would be most stressful right before the wedding, but as of last week, it felt like this weight has been lifted from my shoulders. In fact, I feel zen AF. That’s not to say, I still don’t have things to do for the wedding, but I think the reality of actually being married to someone is finally sinking in. I am overjoyed to finally have the anticipation of a wedding be gone and to be able to marry my closest, dearest, and nearest friend these past few years.

Like all humans, we are both flawed. Like all friendships, we have our differences. But throughout this process, I’ve found more amazing crevices in this other human’s soul. We’ve reached deeper connections through sharing our deepest fears. Thoughts to be shared in detail possibly never or for another time, I had been deeply wounded by a few people closest to me throughout this whole wedding planning process. Some in ways that they will never understand or be enlightened to. In a sense, I’ve been emotionally grieving the loss of these people in my life as I no longer wish to surround myself with their toxic energy. The closer I get to my soon-to-be husband, the more ready I am to cut ties with the years of pain and negativity that these people have landed on me. The wedding planning stress (for me) has really lied heavily (almost completely) in the stress that comes from someone else’s emotional guilt-tripping, abuse, and inability to admit wrong-doing towards you (and therefore placing all blame on you).

I’ve been reflecting a lot on whether the fault lays in me, or the other parties. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that love feels a certain way and positivity radiates a certain light. I want to lead the rest of my life with a lightness and positivity that holds no space for competition, guilt, toxicity, and jealousy. I want to go into my marriage upholding my values to the people who have brought me to this point (regardless of how they’ve treated me) but I am excited to move on and cut ties as I enter this new chapter in my life. I thank my soon-to-be-husband for showing me unconditional love, positivity, lightness, and perseverance. My heart is certainly full, and I’m excited to let some of that emotional weight go.

Whole30 Reflection

In completing the Whole30, I’ve been having a hard time sharing my feelings (for me that’s like a 2 day lag) about accomplishing the goal. I think my hesitation with sharing though, comes more from the fact that I don’t feel that I am done with this journey (cheesily, I’ve only just begun).  I’m very happy with where I am at and I want to continue eating this way for as long as no true cravings or special occasions come up.

The Whole30 journey is different for everyone and everyone’s sense of epiphanies comes from different realms in their lives. I haven’t had such mental clarity and self-awareness as I do now. In evaluating my Whole30 journey, I think I shared that my willingness to start was because I was having a really hard time staying awake after my meals and a really bad reaction to sugar and certain foods (like hummus and pita chips would cause immediate naps). If I were to fully evaluate my life, I was also relying on alcohol a lot for stress, which for me, often leads to a downhill battle of other bad habits (binge watching TV, stress eating, excessive napping, etc.).

On top of this all, wedding planning and navigating my first year of teaching has been such a battle on my self-confidence. Wedding-wise, I pretty much feel like every type of beauty – regime suggestion has been made on me by various vendors (go get facials, your skin is breaking out, your skin is dehydrated, your skin is oily, you need your eyebrows threaded, you need a haircut, you need to lose weight, you should start working out etc etc.). The amount of pressure to “look your best” for one day of your life, is ridiculous to me…but I’m also EXTREMELY hard on myself and am human enough to admit I do feel the pressure. Which brings me to navigating my first year as a teacher, I’m constantly feeling inadequate. Though what I do for a living now brings me immense joy, I have a really hard time processing the fact that I can’t reach every single student in my class and some students have very little hope for their future (because that’s the reality of it). But again, I am human and feel that it is my responsibility to reach every single student, and beat myself up when I give out failing grades to 20/27 math tests yet again after re-teaching, differentiating, and planning. So, yes, I’ve been really stressed on top of the normal relationship, familial, friendship, financial maintenance stress items that pop up. I was pushing this under the rug for some time, but now I acknowledge, this is a lot for me to deal with.

So, when my friend, Amy, mentioned the Whole30, it felt like my calling to do something to make myself feel better and to love myself a little bit more. I was already on a workout routine, but I wanted more clarity and energy.  Which is why my number one rule was that, I wouldn’t do Whole30 if it stressed me out more than it did me good. And it didn’t! To be honest, I didn’t find Whole30 to be as challenging as when I first became pescatarian. I had more judgment in that element in my life than I’ve ever gotten doing Whole30 (and still do). I think mainly because when I talk about Whole30 I share the abundance of things that are added to your diet and people don’t see it as a “oh you can’t have…” I also think, there is a logical connection to “oh, I can’t have that pastry because I have a bad reaction to sugar” as opposed to “oh, I don’t eat meat for moral reasons”. If people are interested, I talk about it more and I have gotten pretty good at reading when people aren’t, so I just don’t. I am not big on pushing things on other people, but in just talking lightly about it, I convinced a couple of people to start it and that makes me happy.

So, what Whole30 brought me was a routine meal plan that helped me to maintain my weight (amp up my workouts) and provide me energy. It also allowed me to do this without sacrificing foods I truly love (vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and seafood). I am so much more positive that this step in self-care is essential to providing mental clarity into other aspects of life. I understand now that Whole30 will not change the things that overwhelm me mentally, but will help me manage that stress in a healthful way. I know that Whole30 will not change how hard I am on myself (as weigh in and progress pics have proven), but I do notice some physical gains I can’t ignore. For example, I went to my first Corepower Yoga class in two weeks (I normally don’t work out in front of a mirror) and I couldn’t ignore how strong my arms looked. Whether it’s Whole30 or from my workout routine (or both), it doesn’t really matter anymore. More importantly Whole30 has given me a whole new element of self-love and self-care I have been looking for. I’m just super happy that I’ve found a new (sustainable) way to prep and eat my food so that the food I eat is nourishing me as opposed to poisoning me. I’m still me to the core and need immense encouragement to be nice to myself, but I have really started to embrace certain things about myself more. This process really is an experiment you have to try for yourself. Personalize it, but it’s been proven through my amazing support group (SHOUTOUT TO YOUR ALL OF YOUR AMAZINGNESS!!!!) and now a newly convinced 14-day follower that by day 12-16 you’ll understand and feel the difference.

The last thing I want to share is that I do not judge anyone else for their lifestyle choices, truly. I just encourage anyone who feels they need to make a change to just do it. I’ve been taking small incremental risk-taking steps these past few years as I educate myself and grow as a person and it’s grown from buying a pair of rollerblades, to working out, to changing careers to Whole30. You’re in charge of your life and you’re responsible for your health. I could go on about our corrupt food industry, but it’d lay out some judgment seeds. But, if you are looking for a change, and this is interesting to you, then DO IT! If not, but you’re looking for other changes, DO THAT!! If you’re already happy with yourself, then FUCK YEAH, I’M ALSO SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU!! It’s like that song, “If you want to sing out, sing out”… Self-efficacy!! YEAH!!!


Tomorrow is my Day 30, as in, my last day on the Whole30! That means I only have to survive 3 more compliant meals and I’m done? But, how will I ever go back to how I was eating before? We had a long drive out to San Diego and on the way back, I was reflecting on my biggest pitfall during Whole30 and what I’m nervous about with having “freedom” again. One thing this Whole 30 is I have been beating myself up for snacking and the two times I ate an RX bar. I also eat a few berries after dinner because I love blackberries and I wouldn’t want to eat them any other way. I just really enjoy fruit on their own and I find it weird in most salads (except, see below). But, Whole30 suggests that you add fruit to your savory food and…I can’t really get behind that. In fact, every time I do something that isn’t “Whole 30 ideal” I kind of feel guilty. Then I go on the forum to see if what I’m doing is okay, and most likely there are two or three posts with someone who has the same concern. Today, I finally read (on some section of the website) that doing Whole30 in an “ideal” way is really hard. Doing the Whole30 at all and maintaining compliant is already an accomplishment in itself. So, I’m going to try my best, post 30 to continue to not give myself too much guilt for snacking or eating things. I think the stress that comes with that would make anyone’s relationship to food really sad and unhealthy. I guess as long as I’m not eating an RX bar every day or 5 a day or eating many spoonfuls of almond butter in one sitting, It’s okay to just give my body what it feels it needs in the moment. I also know that there are healthier options, but I do not always have those options readily available to me and I’ve found amazing alternatives to the snacks I was eating before. As far as my Whole30, I’ve been having a great time with the foods and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoy my own cooking (I always kind of have), but Whole30 has given me a reason to cook for myself more. For example, I ate at a restaurant today and the food felt SO oily to me, and it was delicious, just not controlled by me to taste just the way I like it. So, before I head into my last day,  I just want to give a preview of my favorite thing I make each week. I never felt the need to post it before because, well, it is really plain, but that’s just how I like my stuff. Cooked with the perfect technique, with simple seasonings.

This is my version of an egg salad  – apples, dill, green onion, celery, hard boiled egg, some olive oil, salt and pepper. Super simple, mayo-less, and just the way I like it. It’s even better with some avo and the greens I pour it on. I LOVE egg salad. In high school, I would make egg/potato salad and eat the entire batch in one sitting. No longer do I do that, but I do treat this particular salad as a treat…because it’s so good to me. I mean, I feel like all of my meals now are treats. 🙂


Whole30 and Trader Joe’s

My love affair with Trader Joe’s is long and unwavering. I am a TJ loyalist and so when I decided to go on the Whole30, a big part of my decision was, “Can I still shop at Trader Joe’s?” I followed Trader Joe’s from their humble and terrible refrigeration beginnings. If anyone remembers what I’m talking about, their produce ALWAYS went bad (and I found out it’s because they didn’t have enough fridges to keep the temps for certain produce). I almost gave up on the little grocery that could, despite their shelves of delicious packaged goods, but I’m SOO glad I didn’t. (Yes, I think they fixed the refrigeration problem)

There are so many reasons why I love Trader Joe’s and here are some of them:

  • Friendly Staff Members – I love shopping for groceries and having happy people help me out, it makes buying food so much less of an errand and more of an experience.
  • Their Buyers Follow Food Trends – Their buyers know what’s up before a lot of consumers know what’s up. I saw Riced Cauliflower in the case, before most other places started selling it. I die for their Soy Creamer (which is NOT Whole30 compliant) and theirs is BY FAR, the best product out there. They find vendors and brands that make simple, yet quality products and sometimes will repackage it as their own. Since I used to work in produce, I followed produce trends and TJ was always on top of every single seasonal item, from endives to kiwi berries.
  • Their Packs are GREAT for non-family sized families – Whether I was single, or now engaged and living with my fiance, their pack sizes were perfect for my lifestyle. I could buy a variety of produce (pre-packed or pre-cut) without having to throw half of anything away because it was just for one, or two.
  • A good amount of organic items – Almost all of their produce has an organic offering as well. They carry things that are in season.
  • Amazing frozen protein products – I know most people shudder at the idea of frozen anything, but their scallops and wild blue shrimp are great quality and very cost effective.

I could go on, about their snacks mainly, but that’s not Whole30 Kosher, but here is a picture and list of pantry items that I’ve bought from Trader Joe’s that is Whole30 compliant. I’ll talk about each one below.


Butternut Squash Zig Zags – Instead of breaking down a full butternut squash, this is a convenient way to cook butternut squash. I will recommend steaming or roasting them with olive pepper, salt and sea salt (my holy trinity and typical seasoning)

Riced Cauliflower – I also mix this with their Broccoli Cauliflower and it’s good sauteed in with different vegetables. I like adding green onions to this, but it’s good by itself. It’s a fast way to cook cauliflower.

I mean, the colors!

Healthy 8 Chopped Veggie Mix
 – I have this almost EVERY morning with my breakfast, the vegetables inside marry the coconut oil so well with scrambled eggs. There are carrots, celery, radish, jicama, green and red cabbage, bell peppers, and broccoli stems. I’m more of a fan of these because I feel that this is a product that saves other produce that would normally go to waste and they repackage it as a convenient item to use. (sustainable and delicious!)

Eggs  – These eggs are delicious, this is the kind I get, they only sell it at TJ (I think).

Jalapeno Hot Sauce – This is my favorite product by far. I got it pre Whole30 and was ecstatic to find out that I could still have it with my eggs in the morning. I love spicy food and it’s really the only condiment I will add.

Organic Tahini – Whole30 wrote a lot about finding Tahini or maybe I read a few things on it…I don’t really eat Tahini, but I bought this anyway. I have yet to try it, but it’s organic and Whole30 compliant. I just thought it was a cool product.

Organic Coconut Cream – I also have yet to try this, but it was a new product on their shelf that caught my eye and I’m still deciding what to use it with. I’m sure it would be amazing with a curry. I saw a recipe for a vegan purple sweet potato pie yesterday, and post Whole30 I am definitely making it and using this to make the whipped cream. (I was a little bummed I missed PI day).

Marzano Tomatoes – These are better than cherry, plum, heirloom cherry tomatoes by far. I love that on the package it says to keep it out of the fridge (as you should do with all tomatoes). San Marzano tomatoes are sweet and delicious in salads. They’re the closest to fresh, picked off the bush tomatoes as I could get at a grocery store. TJ also has Kumato tomatoes (which are brownish in color) but if it isn’t tomato season, they’re also great in flavor because they tend to be year-round tomatoes.

Wild Pink Salmon – Canned – This salmon comes out of the can with its’ skin on. I believe it’s a whole salmon. I didn’t have canned salmon before and I know it exists in other grocery stores. Texture-wise, it’s SO much softer than tuna and not as dry. I’m glad I bought this and tried it.

Albacore Tuna- Simply packed in water with nothing added. Still a good product, as good as canned tuna can get.

Organic Coconut Oil – Though I used clarified butter for my cooking, I enjoy the coconut oil when I want the sweeter flavor in my foods (so as mentioned that hearty veggie mix with eggs). Their coconut oil is SUPER coconutty.

Maldon Sea Salt- The most superior salt to any cooking salt. The flakes are larger, so you get more flavor per sprinkle, but also because they’re larger, you end up using less. I really don’t think I got this from Trader Joe’s, but they also have the same thing and it’s called Pyramid Salt.

I know that there is a plethora of other Whole30 compliant items (that I get regularly), but the list is long. So, if you’re looking for a store to shop at, TJ is my choice for Whole30 meals. I know other stores sell these things (like Sprouts, WholeFoods, heck even Costco) but my loyalty to Trader Joe’s stands. There is just a warmth and comfort to shopping at Trader Joe’s that is irreplaceable to my soul.



Daylight Savings

I’ll always go back to the rule I made at the beginning: I won’t let Whole30 stress me out more than it does me good. For me, wedding planning and first-year teacher planning are equally large beasts I am tackling. So, I officially sacrificed Whole30 optimal plan for sleep, a movie, and working out yesterday. My little brother came over on Saturday and I mentioned going to a birthday party. Well, we stayed out pretty late and then the time changed, so I opted to sleep in (which isn’t very late for me). I woke up feeling great and did my morning workout (later than I normally eat breakfast) and about 3/4 of the way into the workout, I felt WIPED. I finished the workout, realized I burned 600-something calories and decided to eat. Since I had pretty much skipped breakfast, I ate a normal Whole30 first meal. Then, I decided to relax and watch a movie, instead of work/wedding plan, because man, I haven’t touched the TV in a month for entertainment. I actually still ended up grading papers, but because I opted to relax, I kind of had snacks for lunch and then prepped and ate a normal dinner. So, it was my first day on Whole30 that I didn’t follow an “optimal” plan, and damnit, my emotional well-being needed that mini break.Having a few hours of letting my food intake slide off the golden advice should be as blissful as it was to me in the moment I needed it for my sanity. Was everything still compliant, YES…but it just wasn’t the “best” way to eat.  Today, I’m compliant as hell and ready to rock again tomorrow.

Post Whole30 Plan

I was just using my fiance as a sounding board about what I am going to do post Whole30 as I am just a day over a week from being done with my 30 days. I feel like I’m the type of person who does not like planning the details, but I do need a big picture, long-term plan to help me carve out goals. We both concluded that Whole30 has been a relatively easy adjustment for me and that I really haven’t had any cravings for anything non-compliant. For example, yesterday was a day FULL of temptation (bridal shower with chocolates, desserts, a birthday party with flip cup and beers galore) but I felt completely comfortable in my own skin navigating to not indulge. Nor, did I feel like I was missing out on anything. My social anxiety was also less apparent and I didn’t feel the need to drink to socialize and again, I felt more present in my interactions with the people surrounding me.

So, I think my post Whole30 plan is really to stick to Whole30. As recommended in the book, it is of course exhausting to be 100% Whole30 for the rest of my life. So, here’s my general guideline:

  • I do love travel and I do love food and drinking, but I think I will reserve all of the non-compliant foods to special occasions (like my wedding) or to taste other people’s creations.
  • I will continue eating Whole30 as much as possible and stop calling it Whole30 after these 30 days :P.
  • I also LOVE baking, so I want to be able to do that and taste my creations without overindulging.
  • Whole30 has changed my relationship with food and I do hope it’s for the rest of my life. But if I ever feel like I need a realignment, I will just jump back in 100% for 30 days.

I know I still have a few more days so I will update as things come up. I think my final thought for today is that if anyone decides to do Whole30, read about the many different perspectives out there. My friends have all gone about the Whole30 in their own personalized ways and all that matters is that it works for them!   I use this blog to journal how I’m feeling day to day and about my journey, but I have a friend who shares amazing recipes she’s doing. There are many other resources too,  but here are links to their blogs : So Pretty So Skinny  &  The Whole Pony. Lastly, I’m also not saying Whole30 is the only way to change your relationship with food, but it’s the one I can say worked for me :).