Workout Freedom!

I was scared of becoming free of Insanity workouts because I was afraid without a program, there would be nothing to hold me accountable for working out. Maybe the fear is what has pushed me even harder to hold myself accountable. Life post-insanity has been awesome. Mainly because now I get VARIETY and I’ve incorporated weights back into my life. To preface, I wake up at about 4:30 every morning to knock this out before work and my lovely fiance has been my support system by coming along for all of my runs and gymtime. Here’s a layout of what I did last week:

Monday – Jillian Michaels -Shred It with Weights – I wasn’t quite willing to let go of the comfort of my own home, and I missed using my Kettlebell. Because of the added weights, this workout was definitely still a challenge for me.

Tuesday – 4.5 mile run with a 9.20/mi average. I must say, Insanity has done WONDERS for getting me in shape. I was able to complete the run with no breaks and I felt like I could keep going, but I knew I also had to go to work at some point.

Wednesday – Gymtime! I had my gym membership haunting me because, ever since I joined the Gym in October, I ended up gaining weight. I have total anxiety about going to the gym because I hate working out in front of other people if it’s not teacher led. However, we went early enough where it wasn’t crowded. I did the elliptical to warm up and a variety of weights. I won’t share my weight routine until I figure out what I’m actually doing because I’ll just end up saying something like I did the thing where you pull on a bar with weights. I did do some deadlifts, I know what that’s called.

Thursday – Corepower Yoga – Sculpt. This is by far, my favorite class in. the. world. You get to sit in a heated room, do yoga, with cardio, and weights. It doesn’t get more challenging than this for me. I’ve been incorporating this into my recovery days with Insanity almost once/ week. The only reason I’m not going all the time is because, I do like variety in my workouts.

Friday – 4.7 mi run 9:07/mi – I do miss my runs and I dread them less than I used to :).

Saturday – Rest day, but I did do some Yoga Sun A and Sun B Salutations in the morning.

Sunday – Gym time again, same routine for warm-up, but I worked on abs and legs.

I actually have my week scheduled the same this week and just finished my home workout right now. (I did an Insanity video). This probably isn’t a big deal for people who have a regular workout schedule (something I kind of threw by the wayside a while ago). For me, this is EVERYTHING. I’m finally free of my insecurities telling me that I can’t do it or that I can save it for another time. To be honest, I think the biggest motivator was actually seeing changes in my body. I keep getting scared that these baby abs I’ve worked on will suddenly disappear. (Like I actually check to make sure they’re still there). But knowing that what I’m doing is actually working, feeling great on a daily basis, and actually having fun challenging my body is something I haven’t felt consistently in years. I’m definitely becoming more and more of a “YAS!!!” person and back on board with taking some fun risks.


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