Post Whole30 Post Insanity Life

I finished both Whole30 and my first full round of Insanity around the same time, and boy was my body feeling happy at me. Of course, I started Whole30 PMSing, so guess how I went into my post Whole30? Today, was probably the height of my PMS and I came home and ate spoonfuls of Almond Butter, took a nap, and hated myself a little bit. I’m hoping by tomorrow (the normal day of hormonal rebalance for me) I can get out of this hole.

So, besides PMS being full-blown, what have I been doing since and how has reintroduction been for me? Well, I tried wine for the first time on Saturday and after one glass, I was drunk and two hours later, I felt hungover. I definitely want to try to have a drink again this weekend because I don’t want to be hungover at my wedding and I do want to be able to drink to try to drink a little bit at my wedding. I also had a taste (like the tiniest) of my friend’s macarons (YUM!!). I was terrified that eating one bite would lead me into a spiral of “OMG GIVE ME ALL THE SUGAR I’M GONNA EAT A WHOLE CONTAINER!!!” Fortunately, I wasn’t craving sugar after that, nor did I want more than the bite I had, not because it wasn’t delicious, more so because it was good and I was satisfied. Besides that, I’ve been compliant (but relying on Almond butter, because PMS) and okay not being as good at eating my pre and post workout…because I feel like my workouts are not as hardcore. But I need to stop telling myself that, because I’m still working out and I still need the fuel.

I was scared that after Insanity, I wouldn’t be able to get into a workout routine, but so far, I’ve still been able to kick my butt to wake up at 5 AM and workout. So far, yesterday I did a kettlebell workout and today I went for a 4-mile run. I must say, Insanity has done wonders on my running stamina and what usually is a painful run for me, was easy breezy. Tomorrow, I plan to hit the gym for the first time in a month! I have gymphobia because of the amount of people there, but hopefully 5AM will be empty enough for me to feel comfortable.

To summarize, I’m still super happy with my delicious fulfilling meals and am having an awesome time changing up my workouts. I’m still guilty of almond butter, so I will no longer buy any. I know this sounds like a whole lot of being hard on myself, but to be honest I’m not struggling. Most of the reintroduction will have to come naturally to me, and right now, taking it easy and slow is exactly what I need.


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