Tomorrow is my Day 30, as in, my last day on the Whole30! That means I only have to survive 3 more compliant meals and I’m done? But, how will I ever go back to how I was eating before? We had a long drive out to San Diego and on the way back, I was reflecting on my biggest pitfall during Whole30 and what I’m nervous about with having “freedom” again. One thing this Whole 30 is I have been beating myself up for snacking and the two times I ate an RX bar. I also eat a few berries after dinner because I love blackberries and I wouldn’t want to eat them any other way. I just really enjoy fruit on their own and I find it weird in most salads (except, see below). But, Whole30 suggests that you add fruit to your savory food and…I can’t really get behind that. In fact, every time I do something that isn’t “Whole 30 ideal” I kind of feel guilty. Then I go on the forum to see if what I’m doing is okay, and most likely there are two or three posts with someone who has the same concern. Today, I finally read (on some section of the website) that doing Whole30 in an “ideal” way is really hard. Doing the Whole30 at all and maintaining compliant is already an accomplishment in itself. So, I’m going to try my best, post 30 to continue to not give myself too much guilt for snacking or eating things. I think the stress that comes with that would make anyone’s relationship to food really sad and unhealthy. I guess as long as I’m not eating an RX bar every day or 5 a day or eating many spoonfuls of almond butter in one sitting, It’s okay to just give my body what it feels it needs in the moment. I also know that there are healthier options, but I do not always have those options readily available to me and I’ve found amazing alternatives to the snacks I was eating before. As far as my Whole30, I’ve been having a great time with the foods and I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoy my own cooking (I always kind of have), but Whole30 has given me a reason to cook for myself more. For example, I ate at a restaurant today and the food felt SO oily to me, and it was delicious, just not controlled by me to taste just the way I like it. So, before I head into my last day,  I just want to give a preview of my favorite thing I make each week. I never felt the need to post it before because, well, it is really plain, but that’s just how I like my stuff. Cooked with the perfect technique, with simple seasonings.

This is my version of an egg salad  – apples, dill, green onion, celery, hard boiled egg, some olive oil, salt and pepper. Super simple, mayo-less, and just the way I like it. It’s even better with some avo and the greens I pour it on. I LOVE egg salad. In high school, I would make egg/potato salad and eat the entire batch in one sitting. No longer do I do that, but I do treat this particular salad as a treat…because it’s so good to me. I mean, I feel like all of my meals now are treats. 🙂



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