Daylight Savings

I’ll always go back to the rule I made at the beginning: I won’t let Whole30 stress me out more than it does me good. For me, wedding planning and first-year teacher planning are equally large beasts I am tackling. So, I officially sacrificed Whole30 optimal plan for sleep, a movie, and working out yesterday. My little brother came over on Saturday and I mentioned going to a birthday party. Well, we stayed out pretty late and then the time changed, so I opted to sleep in (which isn’t very late for me). I woke up feeling great and did my morning workout (later than I normally eat breakfast) and about 3/4 of the way into the workout, I felt WIPED. I finished the workout, realized I burned 600-something calories and decided to eat. Since I had pretty much skipped breakfast, I ate a normal Whole30 first meal. Then, I decided to relax and watch a movie, instead of work/wedding plan, because man, I haven’t touched the TV in a month for entertainment. I actually still ended up grading papers, but because I opted to relax, I kind of had snacks for lunch and then prepped and ate a normal dinner. So, it was my first day on Whole30 that I didn’t follow an “optimal” plan, and damnit, my emotional well-being needed that mini break.Having a few hours of letting my food intake slide off the golden advice should be as blissful as it was to me in the moment I needed it for my sanity. Was everything still compliant, YES…but it just wasn’t the “best” way to eat.  Today, I’m compliant as hell and ready to rock again tomorrow.


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