I woke up this morning feeling like all of the life I regained had been drained out of me. As discouraging as it was, I went through my normal routine: ate breakfast, got to school, taught, rested at recess, taught, ate a lunch, taught, had a staff meeting, then I left immediately after. To be honest, these last few weeks, I have not stayed at school later than I should have, especially if I did not complete my workout in the morning.

So, after I got home, feeling drained, I did something that I have not done this Whole30, I took a nap. Well, I actually ate some almond butter, a few hazelnuts, then I napped for 20 minutes. I think my body is kicking me in the behind for staying up late all weekend and then continuing to push myself to doeveryfuckingthingontheplanet. I think it’s also telling me that I need more calories pre and post workout. So, I listened to my body and made sure that my post workout snack was more substantial than I normally eat. I didn’t let myself feel guilty for the almond butter and now I’m feeling a little bit more human. I also gave myself a mental high five for sticking to the workout. With that said, I’ve noticed a few substantial changes to my mindset, body, and overall lifestyle these past few weeks. This is layered between Whole30 and my workouts as well.

My changes:

  • Less anxiety about allofthefuckingthingsihavetodo…I literally, just do it and get it done without much drama.
  • My skin has completely cleared up (thank god my period has ended to probably contribute)
  • My body feels firmer, less squishy parts
  • My energy (except for today) has been amazing.
  • I’m much more productive, yet less stressed. I haven’t sat down and watched TV for the past month.
  • My life no longer revolves around work, I am definitely taking care of my health first, which leads me to have a holistically more positive outlook on life.

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