Travel Hacks on Whole30

I made it back from Austin, TX compliant and filled with the happiness that I got to spend with my friends :). For the purposes of this blog, I am keeping track of my days and I am more than halfway done with Whole30 at Day 16 (WOHOO!). However, I really have to check and count what day I’m on at this point. I guess what I’m saying is, I don’t mind where this is going at all!

With all of this said, traveling on Whole30 is possible! If your goal for the travels of course, is not to eat the food specific to the city. Since, I can’t eat most of the BBQ meat anyway, I didn’t feel I’d be missing out on much. That is not to say that I do not enjoy nor appreciate the smells, the look, and the feel of all of the restaurants and food. Also, this was a short weekend trip within the country, so nothing felt complicated or awkward for me. It all depends on your boundaries, and I have very little when it comes to customizing orders at restaurants since, I worked in and with them for many years.

Here are some essentials I packed for this trip and a little description/what I did with each.


  • Albacore Tuna – (Not the one pictured actually) – I bought these wild caught albacore packets at Sprouts and they are amazing to travel with. They come in a slim pouch that fit in my tiny purse and brought it with me to a taco restaurant. I had guacamole, salsa and a bed of lettuce (which I poured the tuna over). Mostly all restaurants have some sort of fresh produce, so you can just pour it over any of them.
  • Coconut Chips- I brought some to snack on in case I had to wait between meals to eat or if i got hungry. I did snack on them since we had some late nights and I felt my body needed the extra energy.
  • Unsulfured/unsweetened Apricots – I used this as my source of fiber mainly, since none of the food had very much fiber. I prefer apricots to dates/figs/etc since they tend to be tart rather than sweet.
  • Cashews- I just love cashews, I really didn’t eat these except when I was on the plane (and only then because I brought them). This is my comfort food, if you travel, bring something that comforts you because traveling can be stressful.
  • Almond Butter – Also following the principle of comfort food. I also knew I might need the extra caloric intake since, I would not have been able to eat out much.
  • Olives- The packs I bought are pictured and come in a pouch about the size of your palm. They were delicious and I used them in my breakfast the first morning I was there.
  • Mini Bell Peppers- These hold very well at room temperature and they’re sturdy so they can be packed and jostled without much change.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs – I boiled them ahead of time and left the shells on. I put them into a hard plastic airtight container and put them into a fridge when we got to our destination.
  • Echinacea Tea – I knew we would be staying out late, and I needed an extra boost for my immune system.
  • English Black Breakfast– Just travel with tea, you can ask for hot water at most places and I love tea.
  • Toasted Seaweed Snacks – Easy access to a tasty treat if you’re craving salt.
  • Lara Bars and RX Bars – There are a few Lara and RX bars you can have. I brought them with me for emergencies and really only ate one bar on the plane ride home since I knew I’d be missing dinner.
  • Extra ziploc bags – I brought small snack size bags to put my snacks in for the day so that they would fit into my small purse.

Some of my Meals Documented:


Both of the above are due to my resourcefulness. Hard boiled eggs, peppers, olives (on the left). The albacore Tuna pack I was talking about over a bed of lettuce, guacamole, and salsa (on the right).

Compliant Meals I had out:


Omelet with fresh spinach and artichokes.


Sea Bass with dressed greens (olive oil and lemon).

Final Tips for Travel

  • Find snacks that you enjoy eating and can put together easily into a meal.
  • Stay at an AirBnB because they have a kitchen usually that you can store items in (or cook). Also, it’s usually cheaper.
  • You asking the server/cashier/restaurant employees very specific questions about the food they serve will not ruin their day if you do it politely and graciously. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions, ask for the manager/chef if somebody does not know. The worst thing that can happen is a restaurant cannot accommodate your needs.
  • Ask for the fresh vegetables (greens) they have and you can always bring your own protein to pour over.
  • Enjoy the food that you can have when you’re out as I certainly did.
  • Don’t obsess over food that you can’t have, rather enjoy the company you’re with (as I’ve learned from years of not being “able to have” certain things).



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