In the Whole30 book (I’m not sure which one) it says by day 12-16, you will feel it. They call it Tiger Blood. Starting yesterday, I felt it! To make sure it wasn’t a fluke, this morning, I FEEL IT! It feels AMAZING! I woke up before my alarm (4:40AM) worked out and it’s the same giddy feeling I felt yesterday morning. Everything is brighter and clearer. I am much more present. I have not felt this way since I was a kid. So my advice to anyone who is reading, STICK THROUGH IT. Get to your Tiger Blood day and you’ll swear you never want to put anything in your body that does not make it feel amazing. Just a reminder, everyone’s clarity feels different. I just happen to be working out 6 times a week and I normally eat pretty healthy on top of this, so don’t expect miracles, but DO expect to feel good! I’m almost halfway there and I’m thinking, I never want to give this up :D. We’ll see where that optimism falls in a few days haha!

This post will not be as verbose as my others. My next challenge is traveling and I will post an update, when I get back about my snacks and trip prepping.


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