The Slump

They say Day 10 & 11 will be potentially the worst day for Whole30 and I feel like “they” may be right. I woke up normal, did my workout, ate a normal meal, but my mood felt some sort of nasty. I also got my period, so I guess this is normal. Got through my day with the normal energy that I usually have with no true cravings.

It wasn’t until about an hour ago that I had a “KILL ALL OF THE THINGS” moment.  I went to my tailor with my wedding dress to ask her to take it out because I’m pretty sure, she tailored it too small (there is no way I was smaller than I am now when I initially went in). And she wasn’t there!  So, I came home, pissed off because I rushed out of work to see her and the rest of my week is filled *AHHH PARENT CONFERENCES. *AHHHH WEDDING PLANNING STRESS* I immediately wanted to seek comfort in food. I ate some almond butter and a banana, which normally for me is a guilty pleasure because almond butter is so high in calories. It’s the first day on the Whole30 that I’ve snacked, when I know I shouldn’t be. It was delicious, and worth it.  I’m still feeling some sort of way…and having my period is always this way on day one. Usually by day 2 of my period, I’m back to normal. But tomorrow is supposed to be another day in the “slump”. Although, I feel no true aggression towards Whole30, just everything else.

So, there I have it a combination of the monthly demon, Whole30 slump, and wedding planning stress. I knew this week would be busy as I mentioned in my beginning of the week post. I was prepared for at least 1 moment of total hatred for all things, and I guess this has been it. I even brought an apple as an after meal snack today because I knew today would be a challenge. I’ve been avoiding too much fruit, but I’m glad I “treated” myself today.

What I ate today:

Breakfast: Hardboiled eggs over a bed of mixed veggies and hot sauce.
Lunch: Tuna salad (olive oil, celery, green onion, grapes) and mixed greens (with lemon juice)
Dinner: Probably salmon with some configuration of vegetables that I have stocked.

Takeaways from a few moments of “kill all of the things”

  • I’m happy that almond butter and bananas exist
  • Even though I’ve worked on getting rid of “anger” in my meditation class, I know I have some ways to go.
  • I still am enjoying all of the things I’m eating on the Whole30
  • I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day for me emotionally.

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