Week 2 – Day One

Welcome to a new week of my workout as well! I was working on recovery week for my workout plan last week, and this week it’s supposed to amp up to a higher level, and boy did it kick my butt! Maybe I’ll journal more about my physical fitness journey, but the one thing I have to say is I really do think working out consistently is helping me kick any major side effects of Whole30 out. That and the fact that my normal diet is relatively healthy and devoid of too much rich foods. Who knows, maybe I will still have major headaches and lash out cravings that will arise, but I hope the worst will pass before next weekend when I go to Texas.

Today, I survived 2 Whole30 milestones. The first milestone is, I said no to alcohol all night and still had fun last night (I guess this one is not a big deal). The second milestone is, I ate at a restaurant! Wohoo! I took my friend to her favorite pho restaurant to celebrate her belated birthday, and I managed to order a salad (no dressing) and I brought my own hard boiled egg to add to it. I packed an RX bar as a “just in case”, but it wasn’t needed.

With that said, today I’m EXHAUSTED! I stayed out way later than I normally do and still woke up at dawn.  I’m pretty protective of my sleep on a weekday because teaching children requires my full attention and energy. However, I do believe special occasions arise where it is worthy to lose a few hours of sleep that I can manage to sacrifice on the weekends. With that said, I also have a very busy week coming up and I’m anticipating the following challenges.

  • Having enough food prepped for the week. (This week I have parent conferences, so I’ll be at school later and my fiance has been tagging on my food, which has proven to be a bit of a struggle since, this is kind of a “me” thing).
  • Finding time to grocery shop for my snacks to bring to Austin, TX.
  • Hoping that no crazy side effects pop up.
  • Having my wits together to get through being observed by my mentor. (I hate being observed).
  • Probably a second weekend in a row of staying up late, which I’m more than excited about, but also obviously understand the consequence of.

Today I ate:

Breakfast – Mixed Vegetable leftover and Frittata leftovers.

Lunch – Hard boiled egg and salad

Dinner – Will be salmon with brussel sprouts (probably) and riced cauliflower (probably)


4 thoughts on “Week 2 – Day One

  1. Ughh I posted a comment and it disappeared. 😦 Anyways, good job eating out! My restaurant experiences were a little stressful going in but it worked out in the end. I’m making a list of snacks for Austin too. Debating how much to bring though…


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