1st minor meltdown

Today is my day 6 and I felt on top of THE WORLD this morning. Woke up, got my morning workout in, had my breakfast, jammed to work, etc. etc. Flew through the day, no cravings ate a delicious lunch, grocery shopped, came home and that’s when it happened. I grabbed the bag of nuts from Trader Joe’s that I’ve been eating all week, swore that canola oil was not in the ingredients for raisins, BUT IT WAS!!! But maybe it’s because the package I got is different (just the bag vs prepackaged handfuls)…I thought to myself. Immediately looked this up on the Whole30 rules etc and phew, it wasn’t the end of the word…canola oil is allowed, but discouraged.

Then, as I was browsing through the list, the very end said “you can skip the Chia Pudding” or something like that to which I PANICKED, because I’ve been eating that for breakfast with a hard boiled egg the past two days! Then, I dug deeper into the rules (I’m not a deep into the rule person) and realized that Almond Milk is not an “ideal” way to consume almonds nor is having nuts in general “ideal” to the diet. But, I’ve been eating nuts in my preworkout and postworkout snack. This is when a tiny panic mouse started running the gears in my brain, but it didn’t run for long because my rational self stepped in. This is a journey and a process that will require a learning curve. I haven’t set up my first few days to be “IDEAL”, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working towards a healthier self. The least healthy thing I could’ve done was to beat myself up in that situation.

Back to what I said in my first post, if this causes me more stress, it’s not worth it. So, I didn’t let this little illumination on the rules deter me. With that said, it seems I need to be focused on eating a LOT more proteins per serving than I initially imagined, and I already feel bloated and full all the time from what I’ve been eating.

With that said, today I had:
Chia seed with almond milk, blackberries and hard boiled eggs
Steamed Kale, spaghetti squash, tuna salad (tuna, olive oil, lemon, celery, green onion, salt), with an avocado.
Dinner: Scallops with pesto and vegetable medley (eggplant, riced cauliflower, mixed hearty 8 vegetables from Trader Joe’s).

Today’s Lessons/Changes Noticed:

  • I need more vegetables in my breakfast.
  • Even though I’m not on the ideal plan, I’m still on track and compliant.
  • Tomorrow, I think I’m going to do a frittata for dinner. Seafood is expensive and I can NOT live on just canned tuna.
  • My skin definitely feels clearer (which is not normal because I usually breakout PMS time)
  • My energy levels have been great, I haven’t needed a nap (this change started after I started working out consistently, but dipped even around this time last month).
  • I miss taking my allergy medicine and I definitely have been a little congested since Day 1.

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