I’m on Whole30 Day 4 and whether you want to know or not, I’m going to talk about PMS. I’m about at that time of month, where my body and energy level crash significantly. Everything kind of seems overwhelming and I become more forgetful than normal (today I forgot my phone at home and that my class had a rehearsal for an upcoming performance). So, I can’t say whether this is due to Whole30 or my monthly hormonal cycle, but I’m at that point where I usually crave ALL of the sugar and food. I eat chocolate to abandon, if it’s in front of me (last month, I had 8 Hershey Kiss’s and a chocolate Santa Claus in one sitting from a Christmas stash my students gave me).

Why do I share this? Well as of now, I do not have the desire to repeat what I did last month. In fact, today a kind teacher gifted me some chocolates as a thank you, and I gave them as prizes to my students. My grief in parting with these chocolates was more that I was not getting the emotional reward from the little token of appreciation than it was me wanting the contents within. To be honest, I don’t really like plain chocolate in candy form, but I do eat it for emotional gratitude. So, yes, I hail that book in all of its glory when it states that our relationship with food is highly psychological.

I won’t deny, that today, I feel like my blood sugar level is dropping and that I feel slightly cooler (temperature wise) and airier than usual. I still completed a workout with the normal intensity that I do, but today has been a struggle. As I mentioned, this is totally normal around this time of month, but the one thing it has not come with it is my intense mood swings. Could it be that I’m still feeling high from not really having many cravings since Whole30 began? Or that I’m too drained to have emotions? Whatever the cause my be, my normal craving for sugar is really subdued compared to most times in PMS.

Today’s take aways:

  • I feel more in tune with my body than before Whole30.
  • I haven’t had any intense cravings.
  • I’m nervous for any feelings of discomfort that may (or may not) come.

The most exciting thing I had today was that almond milk I made yesterday…I don’t know why I’ve had only store bought almond milk until now, it’s truly life changing!

Today’s Breakdown:

Breakfast: Almond milk chia seed pudding with blackberries.
Lunch: The same as yesterday.
Dinner: Will be scallops with pesto and riced cauliflower sauteed with mixed vegetables.


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