Whole 30 Day 2&3


So far, so good…
I’m not sure how much I’ll continue posting the things I eat after the first two weeks because one thing about me is that I normally eat VERY plain. So, unless I have the occasional burst of inspiration, the food posts may taper off.  (But if that’s all you care to know now, skip ahead to that part). I’m a pretty boring eater. I could eat the same thing every single day, as long as it tastes good. To get an idea, even though I eat vegetables, my favorite vegetable is yukon gold potatoes and I could eat it every single day in any form it is cooked with minimal seasoning.

Which brings me to cutting out grains as a food group. Before Whole30 I would rely on bread often. My favorite is the flourless sprouted wheat from Trader Joe’s. I ate it plain, with regular butter or almond butter. I pretty much had one slice every day after teaching and I never got sick of it.

My most intense “craving” so far has been for bread and snacking (I’m a huge grazer, I hate eating full meals). To be honest though, I eat SO much more protein than I normally do on my now Whole28 that I don’t really feel the physiological need to eat more than the three meals. It really is a psychological thing that I’m so used to doing. So, the biggest benefit of Whole30 so far to me is mindful eating and mentally slapping my hands away from foods I shouldn’t be having. The temptation really is everywhere, one of my students even brought me a vegetable flavored Pirate’s Booty today and my fiance is in between knowing whether or not he wants to commit (so that BREAD is still here). Breaking the habit of stress snacking before the bell rings for class or recess is something I definitely have to consciously do, but has required very minimal effort thus far. Which brings me to thinking about my meals ahead of time. I really feel like in order to “survive” these next few weeks, I am putting significantly more thought into what I can prepare ahead of time, which feels like I’m taking care of myself, which feels good.

No real differences to note in my mood or energy levels. I did wake up tired this morning, but I have also been wedding planning and stressed about a number of things. One thing I’m hoping this clean eating does for me is helping me sleep through the night :D. I do feel really good about what I’m putting into my body, so that’s an added bonus to my health bank.

Here’s what I’ve eaten so far…*note, every morning I drink one English Breakfast Black Tea with breakfast and every evening I drink an herbal tea after dinner

Day 2:

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs over arugula with hot sauce with almond butter with bananas. I ate a little more than I normally would because I really didn’t feel like having to eat a post and pre workout snack.
Lunch – Wild Alaskan Salmon seasoned with harissa and mixed veggies.
Dinner- Rockfish made with clarified butter, mashed sweet potato, and roasted brussel sprout with tomatoes.

Day 3:

Breakfast- Scrambled eggs over arugula with hot sauce (again!)
Lunch- Salmon salad (the leftover salmon I had with lemon juice, olive oil, grapes, green onion, and celery) over a bed of greens with lemon juice and olive oil. [pictured below]IMG_7362.JPG
Preworkout Snack- Trader Joe’s mixed raw nuts handful
Postworkout Snack –  Carrot sticks
Dinner – I haven’t had it yet, but I know it’s going to be my leftovers from yesterday.

Yesterday, I prepped the leftover salmon salad, clarified butter, and some pesto (raw cashew, basil, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt) and almond milk. Almond milk is a lot of almonds for a very small, but delicious yield. It’s not the most attractive picture, but it was mixed with chia seeds for breakfast tomorrow.IMG_7358-1.JPGIMG_7361.JPG



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