The Whole30 Day 1

Good Morning World!
So, I spoke about the Whole30 last time, I guess I should use this space to share how it’s going. To preface, I eat a mainly vegetarian diet with the occasional seafood, so doing the Whole30 means adding more seafood to my diet to ensure I get the protein intake without overloading and getting sick of eating eggs. Because I’m not a fan of tofu to begin with, cutting out soy protein isn’t going to be a big deal for me. I suppose I’ll slowly introduce different food groups I ate before the Whole30 as I document my journey as to not overwhelm this post…so enough about my protein intake.

Yesterday, despite celebrating 2 birthdays, I was able to stay “compliant” the whole day. In the morning, I sauteed a mixed vegetables and scrambled an egg, had guacamole and hot sauce over it and of course had my daily English Breakfast Tea [sans soy creamer :(].

For Lunch, we surprised my older brother for his 30th at shabu shabu, and I had a vegetarian broth (just kelp and mushroom) with salmon and assorted vegetables. I skipped all sauces (and layered on the green onions, sesame seeds, and togarashi). Refreshingly, I didn’t have to explain what I was doing to anyone, since everyone was preoccupied with their own food/conversation.” My brother had a huge tub of lemon sorbet as a surprise, but I just politely declined (from two different people) and said that “I’m really full” and then when someone insisted, I said “I am just sensitive to sugar and get headaches” (which is true).

For Dinner, my brother offered to cook for my friend’s bday (who he also happens to be dating, tehehe). Since he was cooking steak and corn chowder (and I’m lactose intolerant), I was that dinner guest who shopped for myself and picked up a bag of riced cauliflower (mixed with broccoli and onions) and trout. We sous vide the trout and I just sauteed the riced cauliflower mix. I’m considering getting a sous vide machine so my fiance and I can cook steak and fish in the same pot without it ever having to touch. The fish came out perfectly cooked as well. On top of all of this, the mother of my friend kept offering me to eat sardines, so I politely had a bite after making sure that it was “compliant”. I had bought the birthday girl a cake and I was proud of myself for not even having one bite, despite really wanting a piece (since, coffee cake happens to be one of my favorites…drool). I even cut the cake, without even trying to lick off the frosting on my finger.

Takeaways so far:

  • I kind of hate the word compliant, but it is the easiest way to describe the ingredients that I’m supposed to be eating.
  • Explaining what I’m doing to people is challenging, especially when some people are still not over the fact that I’m a pescatarian (Oh, I keep forgetting you don’t eat things or I just don’t understand why…etc.)
  • I did find that the “I am cutting things out to see what I’m allergic to” as pretty effective.
  • Because people tend to judge (mainly older folks or new company) what they don’t understand,  I really have gotten pretty good at navigating my way through figuring out what to eat without making a big deal about it…but having to explain Whole30 to other people without sounding like a “health nut” is definitely not something I’m thrilled to take on.
  • I’m not sure how good I will be at meal prepping, I really hate eating leftovers and that’s what cooking food ahead of time feels like. I am good at planning my meals, I feel so I will continue with that.
  • I do find the processed (pre-cut) foods to be really convenient and that’s probably the most helpful prep that I’ll need. I will probably also pre-make any protein salad and hard boiled eggs that I can eat for the week since none of those have to be reheated.
  • I’m nervous about taking a trip to Texas at the beginning of March…I guess I can navigate this by making sure I bring snacks with me, just in case.
  • I will be compassionate with myself throughout this process. I feel like writing will help me process the challenges. Ultimately, if this causes me more stress than it does good, it’s not worth it. But, I really doubt that it will. I eat close to the Whole30 to begin with, so it’s just a few tweaks and known healthful sacrifices.

That was a lot of takeaways, and with that I’ve already had my first Whole 30 meal of Day 2 :).


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